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Organizational structure, hiring, data analysis, outsourcing, conflict resolution, growing pains is a development, marketing, and consulting business operated by Richard Perel, CPA, former SVP of Marketing at Top 40 Internet Retailer Fanatics, Inc.
Richard began his digital marketing career as an affiliate marketer in 1999.  He developed a network of 35 sports ecommerce sites he sold to Fanatics, Inc in 2006.  This was Fanatics first acquisition of many, and Richard stayed on board for 9 years helping grow the company to a $3.3B valuation in 2013.  Fanatics recently received funding at a $12.8B valuation.
Following his resignation from Fanatics, Richard began accumulating more premium domains for future endeavors.  In 2018 he co-founded and relaunched in 2019.  Richard pivoted to the online jewelry sector in 2020 and developed 22 exact match keyword websites under, the largest network of jewelry content sites in the world.
Richard's unique ecommerce insight is based upon vision, executive experience, multi-domain/brand strategies, as well as a thorough understanding of the online, retail business cycle.
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