Looking to move your brick and mortar retail business online?


Have you traditionally only sold product wholesale and need to establish a direct to consumer presence online?

With over 20 years experience growing ecommerce sales from my own startup to a multi-billion dollar unicorn, I can help.

PepsiCo is the latest Fortune 500 company to leverage the power of a category killer domain name (Snacks.com) for their new, online direct to consumer strategy. 


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"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."
- Warren Buffett
eCommerceMarketing.com is a consulting and development site operated by Richard Perel, CPA, former SVP of Marketing at Top 40 Internet Retailer Fanatics, Inc.
Richard developed and sold multiple sports eCommerce websites to Fanatics, helping spur growth until 2014.  Entreprenuer at heart, he is currently a co-owner of other ecommerce ventures.  His unique eCommerce insight is based upon vision, accountability, multi-domain/brand strategies, and a thorough understanding of the online, retail business cycle.  
Marketing dollars continue to shift online. Are you truly getting the most ROI out of your marketing spend?
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Strategic digital assets available for sale or lease, perfect for primary and complimentary branding.

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