Are you overspending on Marketing?

Do you outsource part or all of your Marketing?

Do you have multiple sites online?

Does your Email Marketing strategy add value?

Is your ROI on digital marketing dwindling? is a consultancy aimed to help medium and large eCommerce companies grow, maintain market share, and deliver more consistent and reliable results.

"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's swimming naked."
- Warren Buffett
About is a consulting and development site operated by Richard Perel, CPA, former SVP of Marketing at Top 40 Internet Retailer Fanatics, Inc.
Richard developed and sold multiple sports eCommerce websites to Fanatics, helping spur growth until 2014.  Entreprenuer at heart, he is currently a co-owner of other ecommerce ventures.  His unique eCommerce insight is based upon vision, accountability, multi-domain/brand strategies, and a throrough understanding of the online, retail business cycle.  
Marketing dollars continue to shift online. Are you truly getting the most ROI out of your marketing spend?
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High level consulting from a successful entrepreneur and eCommerce Executive

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Business strategy, planning, budgeting, operations, marketing, customer focus, execution.

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Strategic digital assets available for sale or lease, perfect for primary and complimentary branding.

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