Over 20 years experience as a successful entreprenuer, marketing executive, and consultant


Current Projects

Labradors.com: Founder and Co-owner (2011 - Present)

AnimalPride.com: Co-founder and Co-owner (2019)

JewelryDomains.com: Owner (1999 - Present)

SportsDomainNames.com: Owner (1999 - Present)

Previous Projects / Work Experience

Marketsville, Inc:  Owner (1999 - Present)

CollegeFootballStore.com:  Owner - Sold to Fanatics, Inc

CollegeBasketballStore.com:  Owner - Sold to Fanatics, Inc

Fanatics, Inc:  SVP, Marketing (Employed 2005-2014)

FansEdge.com:  Brand Consultant (2014)

I founded a network of college sports eCommerce sites in 1999, and sold them to Fanatics, Inc, now a Top Internet 40 Retailer, in 2006. 

As former SVP of Marketing for Fanatics, I integrated three, separate, Top 200 Internet Retailers' marketing departments into one, in-house, full service operation from 2011-2013.


My specialty is digital marketing, and I was featured in the New York Times in 2010.  I managed an in-house staff of 50 digital marketers across channels including the following:

Paid Seach / Display:  Paid advertising is very seasonal and optimizing spend across multiple properties can be tricky.

SEO:  Ensuring exposure on top keywords along with long tail helps diversify dependance on a few search terms.  Avoiding duplicate content issues with multiple sites is critical.

Email:  Email marketing is crucial to not only lowering your overall marketing costs, it is paramount in establishing a respectful and value-add relationship with your customers.

Social:  Social marketing and social advertising are two very different spaces to operate.  Establishing "social" goals are important.

Google PLAs:  Primarily for product related businesses, PLAs are data feed driven combining aspects of both search and marketplace.

Marketplaces - Amazon & eBay:  Amazon and eBay are too big to ignore as viable marketing channels, but conundrums exist around long term branding strategy for retailers.

Retargeting:  I think the most appropriate term for retargeting is "a necessary evil".  Set respectful paramaters, and try to stay clear of view thru charges.

Affiliate Programs:  I started out as an affiliate marketer 20 years ago.  Affiliate policies are extemely important to ensure no conflicts of interest exist.

Consulting Contact

Email: Richard@eCommerceMarketing.com

Domain Contact
Email: Domains@eCommerceMarketing.com

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