High-Level Organizational Structure, Data Analysis, & More

Organizational Structure

Skill sets for Paid Search, SEO, Email, Social, Marketplaces, etc vary greatly.  Organizing an in-house marketing department using a top down approach, limiting direct reports, has benefits.  Managers must manage different personalities, and employee goals need to be aligned with both manager and company goals.  Working at home throws in new kinks.

Data Analysis

Data analysis starts with reliable, timely reporting.  There are many variables and caveats when reporting data, so while numbers are critical, the circumstances around the numbers are also paramount.  Successful data analysis involves multiple views (e.g. YOY, WOW) as well as identifying all factors that can skew the data.  Competitive intelligence software can also be very helpful.

Roles & Conflicts

Intradepartmental roles, and individual roles, need to be clearly defined.  The single biggest frustration I experienced as a Marketing Executive was the conflict between departments within the same orginazation.  Marketing often depends upon IT for their resources and this can be tricky.  Having patience and being flexible is important in limiting conflicts detrimental to the company.


In general, in-house marketing typically outperforms outsourcing.  That being said, depending upon company budget and marketing functionality, outsourcing should be considered.  Outsourcing partners rarely have the same ambition and zeal as company employees so competent oversight is necessary for accountability.

Talent Evaluation

Constant talent evaluation should be a top priority for Marketing Executives. Hiring the right cultural fit is critical.  Geopraphy can limit talent pool but working at home is gaining steam. The emergence of Zoom gives companies reason to pause and rethink strategy.  Worker efficiency and collaboration must be thoroughly reviewed.

Growing Pains

Growing pains from startup to billion dollar business are often the result of an infrastructure unable to handle a greater load at multiple choke points.  Objectively identifying and analyzing weaknesses is critical to the long term success of a growing company.  Growing pains test the character of a company and its executives.